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Mar 2 (Sun) -   Linda Pasquino

                     Frances Sheppard

Serving Communion:

                     Diane LaBue

                     Jamie Chase

                     Evelyn Dvorak

                     Donald Coe

Liturgist:         Joyce Thomson


Mar 5 (Wed) -  Lind Pasquino

                     Frances Sheppard


Mar 9 (Sun) -   Charolotte Boelsche

                      Lillian Williams

Liturgist:         Linda Pasquino


Mar 11 (Wed) - Charlotte Boelsche

                      Lillian Williams



Mar 16 (Sun) - Bob Peiper

                     Kay Lisa

Liturgist:         Evelyn Dvorak


Mar 19 (Wed) - Bob Peiper

                      Kay Lisa


Mar 23 (Sun) -  Diane LaBue

                      Edna LaBue

Liturgist:         Clint Wiliams Sr & Jr.


Mar 26 (Wed) - Diane LaBue

                      Edna LaBue


Mar 30 (Sun) -  Fred Reichert

                     Jewel Reichert

Liturgist:         Carol Roeland




Just A Reminder!


Lenten Services Begin on Wednesday March 5th


Will You Volunteer?

We always need volunteers to be Ushers and Liturgist.


To volunteer to be an Usher, contact Ruth Brierty at



To volunteer to be a Liturgist, contact Carol Roeland at