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Musings from the Pastor


March 2003

Musings from the Pastor

Your session at itís meeting on February 18, 2003 voted to call a Congregational Meeting for the purpose of presenting to the entire congregation a presentation on a Larger Parish in the Presbytery of the Palisades on March 9, 2003 immediately following worship. There are already two churches who are very interested in this creative idea. Our congregation is one which is being asked to consider becoming a part of this concept. At this point no one is asking First Presbyterian Church of Moonachie to make a decision about this possibility, only that we hear the ideas that are being presented and consider the advantages this might offer to our congregation.

This is one of many possible visions for our future that could be related to our efforts at Congregational Transformation. We might decide as a congregation that this is a wonderful opportunity, or we might decide that it does not suit us at this time, or we might decide that we need to hear more and take more time to make a decision. Whatever we decide, I pray that we will bring open minds and hearts to hear what God is offering to us as an alternative.

Each of you should know that three of our members have been involved in the task force that has put together the form that a Larger Parish might take. Elders Donna Bright, Jim Frandsen and Linda Pasquino have taken part in the meetings of the task force.

I would remind you all of what I said last month. None of us yet has a clear view of what God may have in store for us as we move into the future. We are still in that time of prayerful discernment. But to immediately decide that any particular idea will not work, is to cut ourselves off from the possibilities that God may see for our future. I ask that you attend the congregational meeting, listen carefully, ask questions, pray for Godís guidance and be open.


   Pastor Tillie